Refs Let Kevin Durant Hack LeBron James To Help Seal Warriors Victory Over Cavaliers

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

For Christmas, Derrick Stafford gave Kevin Durant a present that brought him and Golden State Warriors fans cheer—the freedom to foul LeBron James (at least once) in the closing seconds of the squad’s matchup with the Cleveland Cavaliers to help seal a Dubs win.

With 25 seconds remaining in their Christmas tilt, LeBron drove on Durant, drawing contact as he entered the paint, then getting raked across the arm.

Not only did Stafford, in his 30th season as an NBA referee, ignore both instances, the ball went to the Warriors, who were protecting a three-point lead.

Here’s another angle.

“He fouled me twice,” LeBron said after the 99-92 defeat. “But whatever. What are you going to do about it?”

Durant viewed the play differently, and called out those on Twitter agreeing with LeBron.

“It felt clean,” Durant said. “It’s probably the same play a bunch of those dudes on Twitter probably arguing about at 24 Hour Fitness that that wasn’t a foul. They’ve been in that position before, but just not on Christmas at the Oracle Arena. So they know. … I’m sure if they get that call next week at 24 Hour Fitness, they’re going to be pissed that they called a foul. So keep that s**t on Twitter.”

Yeah, this guy thinks everyone else is being childish on Twitter.