Sure, Kevin Durant Liked A Post Criticizing Russell Westbrook By Accident. Sure.

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Maybe Kevin Durant should try to go on a LeBron James-style social media blackout.

But for life.

Because he apparently doesn’t know how to use the tool of modern connectivity.

Or at the very least, he has yet to master the art of switching from his main account to his burner accounts before expressing the thoughts he doesn’t want traced back to him.

That came back to bite him, again. Earlier this week, Durant hit “like” on an Instagram post that blamed Westbrook for their not winning a championship as Thunder teammates.

Hours later, Durant claimed the social media activity was accidental and occurred while he was scrolling through Instagram.

Right. The guy who did this and this and this definitely didn’t forget he wasn’t using a burner account. In fact, I bet he wasn’t even scrolling through Instagram comments in search of validation. He probably just tripped and fell on his phone, causing the whole misunderstanding.

The irony is, if Durant would ever stand by the very valid criticisms of his former team at the centers of his social media gaffes, those who relish calling him a snake and a cupcake would actually respect him more.

Especially with the way Westbrook is playing right now.