Kevin Durant Moonlights as a Sports Photographer for Super Bowl 50

Charles Bowles
(Photo: Getty)

Kevin Durant had an amazing on-the-field view for Super Bowl 50. Durant was a credentialed sports photographer for the big game, taking photos on the field for The Players’ Tribune.

Durant played the previous night against the Golden State Warriors and had an extra day off before going off to play his next game against the Phoenix Suns.

“And yeah, before you say it, I can see the irony of ‘Kevin Durant is a member of the media for a day.’ But I had the time of my life taking sideline photos for the night,” Durant said to The Players’ Tribune on the experience. “I’ve got a lot of interests outside of basketball, and one of them is doing things I haven’t done before, like stepping into the shoes of a photographer and learning about what it’s all about.”

Durant said it was a “dream offer” due to his strenuous and busy NBA schedule. 

Durant definitely can work on his photography, but his basketball career is working out pretty well. So it might be a long time before we see a Kevin Durant photography exhibit.

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