Kevin Durant And Russell Westbrook On Opposite Ends Of Worst Foul Call You’ll See All Season


(Photo: Getty Images)

Late in the third quarter of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s utter mauling of the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night, Russell Westbrook benefitted from what we truly, truly hope will remain the worst call of the NBA season.

During a drive to the rim, the Oklahoma City Thunder point guard got dropped. By himself.

But referee Lauren Holtkamp, who’d taken part in some of the most befuddling refereeing blunders of 2016-17, mistook Westbrook’s tripping over his own two feet for a foul on Kevin Durant, who was a good five feet away from his former teammate when the Thunder star started his journey to the deck.

Fortunately for all parties involved, this botched officiating decision, unlike this one and these ones, came in a blowout and had zero effect on the game’s outcome.

The teammates-turned-rivals were both quick to point that out when asked about Westbrook’s slipping his way into a foul after the 125-105 Thunder victory.