Seems Like Kevin Durant Tried To Rip OKC Anonymously, Accidentally Used Main Twitter Account

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Some sleuthing NBA fans may have caught Kevin Durant in a lie.

The Golden State Warriors star had an interesting Twitter exchange on Sunday night, in which former Oklahoma City Thunder teammates and coach Billy Donovan were dragged. Thankfully Twitter user @harrisonmc15 preserved it before Durant deleted it.

Three explanations for the curious use of third person comes to mind: One, someone in his circle with access to the Twitter account accidentally used Durant’s account to tweet; two, KD was tweeting in third person because he’s weird like that; and three, well, I’ll let @harrisonmc15 himself explain:

When the tweet first surfaced, scenario one seemed most likely. Yes, Durant would totally do something like start referring to himself in third person for a few days, but then why would he delete the tweets? Scenario three appeared the unlikeliest, until Reddit’s main NBA page, r/nba, turned into a pack of internet detectives.

They found an Instagram account, @quiresultan, that sure seems like a personal Durant account: The main image is a scene from Goodfellas, a film he’s referenced in interviews; the account is followed by Draymond Green, Andre Roberson, other NBA players, Durant’s stylist, and his friend Big Sean; his brother tagged a picture of Durant with that handle instead of Durant’s regular Instagram handle; Quire Avenue and Sultan Avenue (referenced in the handle) are adjacent streets in Durant’s hometown of Capitol Heights, Maryland; and the bio is “No live turnovers”—the Warriors scored 17 points off live-ball turnovers in Game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals.

Why does this mean anything? If Durant is indeed behind @quiresultan, then he’s using it to anonymously defend himself and crap on people on social media:

Soon after this Reddit revelation, the account changed names, then was shut down completely.

This is the guy who dropped a desperate attempt to alter the discussion of his legacy the moment the record-breaking Warriors team that he’d latched on to won a championship. And the guy who went way out of his way to show haters that he doesn’t care what they think via shoes.

I could totally see him going to these lengths to defend himself anonymously on Twitter.