Kevin Durant’s Mom Makes Stephen A. Smith Apologize for Saying Move to Warriors Was ‘Weak’

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Stephen A. Smith has something of a history with Kevin Durant.

The professional sports yeller once threatened the 2017 NBA Finals MVP on air when Durant shot down Smith’s report that the current Golden State Warriors star would leave the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency in 2016.

Then, once Durant joined the Warriors (proving Smith’s Lakers story wrong in the process), Smith called the move “weak.”

“Don’t give a damn what anyone says: weak move by KD,” Smith wrote. “You go to GSW, the team who beat you, when you’re already on a title contender? Please!”

But the beef has simmered enough for Smith and Durant’s mom, Wanda Durant, to make amends.

Durant came onto First Take to shoot him down.

“I don’t think it’s fair to minimize what Kevin offers Golden State and what they offered him to say that it was the weakest move in NBA history,” Wanda told him. “I think you’re wrong—too harsh. The things that you said about my son, I really appreciate that, but I just think you were kind of harsh.”

After those in attendance chanted “Say you’re sorry!” Smith apologized.

“I’m sorry,” he told her, with his hand on his heart, after praising Wanda for raising such a respectable son.

Still, at no point did he rescind his assessment of Durant’s move to Golden State.

“Mama Durant I have to say this to you. I still sit up there and say, ‘I don’t back off that statement because of the reason I made the statement.’ He’s so great, he’s so great joining that team, to me, was almost unfair.”


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