Kevin Garnett Gets Emotional During Possible Final Game in Boston

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

When Kevin Garnett was brought to Boston back in 2007, he brought an energy that helped lift the Celtics to an NBA title alongside his Big Three co-stars Paul Pierce and Ray Allen (and Rajon Rondo to an extent).

But now KG is three seasons removed from his time in Boston and he’s currently averaging just 15.5 minutes of playing time per game. It’s highly likely this will be his last season in the NBA, which meant Monday night’s game could have been his last at TD Garden. Celtics fans knew it and so did KG.

Like many professional teams, the Celtics have a victory anthem for when they’re about to win a game. But Boston’s is rather strange, featuring a video clip of a bearded disco dancer with a Gino Vannelli t-shirt (he’s some Canadian singer) on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. Around Beantown, the clip has become famously known as “Gino Time.” And nobody enjoyed Gino Time more than Kevin Garnett. Seriously, NOBODY!

The Celtics easily won on Monday 113-99, which meant in the final minutes it was Gino Time with KG back in the house. When the Big Ticket appeared on the Jumbotron, he held back tears while the Boston crowd gave him a standing ovation.

Don’t be surprised if the Celtics retire Garnett’s number down the road. However, they’re running out of numbers at this point.

But really, if you haven’t paid any attention to the Celtics over the last eight years, Kevin Garnett really enjoyed Gino Time. Just look at how much he used to light up when it came on the Jumbotron.

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