Kevin Harlan Saves Boring Monday Night Football With Amazing Call of Streaker on the Field

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Unless you're a San Francisco 49ers or Pittsburgh Steelers fan, or a fan of blowouts in general, there wasn't much to write home about on Monday night, despite the NFL delivering two Monday Night Football games.

For television viewers at home, even this dumb streaker during the Niners' 28-0 shellacking of the Los Angeles Rams was boring, as the cameras ignored him and fans were forced to listen to enjoyed-by-no-one Chris Berman drone on about … something? I forget already because he, and the game, was just that uninteresting.

Even Rams head coach Jeff Fisher is bored! Looking like just about anyone unlucky enough to tune into his team for the worst-ever season of Hard Knocks this year.

But if you were one of the lucky few so disturbed by ESPN's coverage of the NFL season's first Monday night that you instead opted to mute Berman and Matt Hasselbeck in favor of listening to the always wonderful Kevin Harlan on the radio, you were in for a damn treat.

Here's video of the actual streaker …

… though if you were listening to Harlan, you wouldn't need it, as he, recognizing the intense dearth of excitement during the blowout, rose to the occasion and painted an exciting word picture of the event for everyone at home as if it were a game-breaking play in the Super Bowl.

"The guy is drunk, but there he goes!"

All in all, our lubed up patron ran about 80 yards—15 more than Los Angeles managed on the ground the whole game.