Lying NBA Team Played A Sick Joke On Draft Prospect Kevin Knox

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

You know how, every year, a handful of NFL teams embarrass the league by asking draft prospects wildly inappropriate questions?

It appears this particular strain of stupid has infected the NBA.

Kevin Knox led Kentucky in scoring and three-pointers last season, helping the Wildcats to the Sweet 16.

But one team apparently felt that, to truly test the forward’s NBA readiness, they had to inflict some absolutely cruel mental torture upon the 18-year-old.

My money’s on the Kings or the Knicks, for obvious reasons.

I can’t say I’d be fast enough on my feet to reply with anything other than “no,” but here are some responses I wish Knox had opted for instead:

  • Leaving while saying, “I wouldn’t want to be a part of an organization that thinks a question like that is at all appropriate.”
  • “Damn, your wife promised she wouldn’t tell.”
  • Kicking the interviewer in the dick.

Not only is this little mind game completely effed up, it’s illegal. Let’s hope the team in question gets punished by the league and/or the legal system.

Stick to asking prospects if they’ve seen “The Wolf of Wall Street,” NBA teams.

Actually, maybe don’t do that either.