Kevin Pillar Crashes Full-Speed Into Outfield Wall for Sensational Catch

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty)

Kevin Pillar shouldn't be alive.

Considering the rate at which he thrusts his body into the line of danger all for the sake of making outs and depressing opposing batters, the Toronto Blue Jays outfielder should have been carried off a baseball diamond in a body bag by now.

Unless … wait, is Kevin Pillar actually just Superman?

I mean, he's already made several Superman grabs in his 300 or so MLB games. And he's made more than one grab that should have left him maimed.

Tuesday night was no different.

With the Jays down 3-0 to the Arizona Diamondbacks, rookie Peter O'Brien ripped a Marco Estrada offering to dead center field. Using Superman's patented super-human speed, Pillar tracked it down, risking life and limb as he hurdled into the outfield fence.

Don't tell his shoulder or elbow, but it was all for naught, as the Diamondbacks and their hideous jerseys won 4-2.

"It hurt a little bit, just caught my elbow," Pillar said. "I think I got it in between the padding in there. I'm good though, I'm always good. It's going to take more than that."

Like, I don't know, Kryptonite?