Maybe Kevin Pillar Really Is Superman?


(Photo: Getty Images)

Maybe Superman exists and has been hiding under our noses this whole time.

Maybe, just maybe, he’s Toronto Blue Jays center fielder Kevin Pillar.

The latest evidence for the argument: This freaking remarkable (and remarkably familiar) catch from his team’s 6-5 loss to the Boston Red Sox on Monday night.

Think about it, you’re an alien with superhuman powers, would like to make a decent, honest living (sorta, you are basically a steroid freak with an extraterrestrial advantage), but don’t want to draw too much attention to the fact that you, you know, could shatter a ball to a billion pieces in more ways than a mere human can count.

You can’t become an all-around super talent like Mike Trout or Paul Goldschmidt. That comes with too many questions. Also, I’m not sure Superman could convincingly hit a baseball well without giving himself away. Wouldn’t he have to slow his swing down drastically just to ensure he’s hitting it a distance that’s physically possible for a human to achieve? Wouldn’t he have to limp-wristedly flail at the strike zone softly with his eyes closed, and even then he’d still hit at a semi-respectable, Kevin Pillar-esque pace (he has a career OPS of .691)?

His relative ineptitude at the plate would give him enough cover to allow him to be, well, pretty much a superhero in the outfield, which he’s been his entire career

In the field, SuperPillar wouldn’t need to curb his abilities like he would at the plate. He can sprint and hurl himself into the air all he wants (not to mention sustain crazy damage), so long as he doesn’t actually take flight—for too long, that is, because to say that Pillar has never flown during a Jays game is debatable.

He damn well took off on Monday night, to the delight of starting pitcher Marcus Stroman.

If Pillar really is Superman, he’s doing a great job of hiding it. He hasn’t even been recognized with a Gold Glove yet.

“I told him I think that was the best one I’ve seen, live,” Stroman said after the game. “I feel like I’m always on the mound too, which means sinkers are usually up in the zone and get hit a long way because he usually plays shallow when I pitch. The way he goes back on balls is extremely special. He has to get a Gold Glove at some point.”

The most genius part of Pillar’s plan? Earning the nickname Superman.

Superman would never let people call him that if he were really Superman, right?