Kid Sends His Teacher Flying to the Floor With Filthy Crossover in Student–Teacher Game

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Instagram.)

Hey kids: Ever get so mad at your teacher you just wish you could send him or her flying, but you don't want to face either the legal or educational repercussions?

If so, learn how to get completely away with it from young student Elijah Johnson. All you need to do is to rope your teacher into a basketball game, and have insanely sick handles.

During a student–teacher game to mark the end of the school year, Johnson got the scoring started by hitting his teacher—adorned in a Toon Squad-style jersey—with a filthy crossover that sent her scurrying to the floor like a third grader trying to stick Kyrie Irving.

Johnson posted the highlight to Instagram with the caption: "Broke my teacher."


Broke my teacher

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Broke her he did.

Sending defenders flying is obviously nothing new to Johnson, as his Instagram page proves.


Bone collector @sdsealteam @ethanxflores

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Maybe his teacher will now think twice about responding to the question "Can I go to the bathroom?" with "I don't know, can you?"