Shocked Alum Kirk Herbstreit Walks Off Set When Ohio State Is Denied From College Football Playoff

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Kirk Herbstreit was so stunned when his alma mater Ohio State was excluded from the College Football Playoff that he jumped up out of his seat and exited the room—while he and the rest of theESPN college football crew were still filming.

Here’s what happened when the college football analyst learned that one-loss Alabama had nabbed the fourth and final slot in the CFP—despite his alma mater’s claiming the Big Ten Championship the night prior.

Herbstreit played quarterback for the Buckeyes from 1989 to 1993, finally earning the starting spot as a senior in 1992.

But he wasn’t upset that his team hadn’t made the playoffs.

Quite the opposite, actually.

He was just shocked that the 13-member committee had selected Alabama over a conference champion, despite Ohio State’s two losses.

“I got up and walked off. And I think symbolic of what if you’re watching this and you’re just a college football fan,” he said. “We all said, ‘Well, I think it should be Alabama, but it’s gonna be Ohio State. They’re gonna do the politically correct thing.’ Committee just made a statement.”

In fact, Herbstreit then went on Twitter to defend the decision against criticism from former ESPN colleague Danny Kanell.

Kanell was a star quarterback at Florida State, so who knows what he’s going on about.