Knicks Owner James Dolan Is Going on Tour with Jewel, Seriously


(Photo: Getty)

If you ask any true basketball fan, “Who is the worst owner in the NBA?” New York Knicks owner James Dolan will undoubtedly be the answer.

The “executive chairman” of Madison Square Garden has put together numerous losing seasons with teams loaded with talent. He’s the same guy who hired Isiah Thomas to run the team and then hired him again after Thomas drove the Knicks into the ground.

It’s nice being an owner because you can f*ck things up over and over again, but still keep a job. That’s basically been the James Dolan philosophy since he took over the team.

But Dolan has other hobbies (clearly), like jamming out with his band JD & The Straight Shot (that’s seriously their band name). In fact, they will tour with Jewel overseas in the early spring, according to TMZ Sports.

Dolan’s band has actually toured alongside The Eagles, Allman Brothers Band and a few members have also toured with Bruce Springsteen. Apparently this is a well-known fact, but it’s news to me! James Dolan has made more of an impact in the music world than the basketball world (more of a positive impact at least).

It’s no surprise Dolan scheduled his tour with Jewel in the spring, considering his team is usually out of playoff contention by then. But Kristaps Porzingis has changed the culture in New York. Maybe Dolan will have to stick around.