Kris Dunn Lands Face-First After Throwing Down 2-Handed Dunk

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

If one must get a concussion on the hardwood, might as well do it in style: throwing down a sweet two-handed dunk for two points. That’s the philosophy Chicago Bulls sophomore point guard Kris Dunn subscribed to during his squad’s 119-112 loss to the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night.

After picking Klay Thompson’s pocket late in the fourth quarter, Dunn’s ensuing slam bit into the Dubs’ lead. He also got a mouthful of floor—the 23-year-old out of Providence College landed face-first after swinging for too long on the rim.

This angle somehow looks worse.

Miraculously, he didn’t lose any full teeth, but he probably lost more than one if you add up all the tooth pieces he chipped off.

Dunn also left his mark on the floor.

Hopefully he’s okay so we can feel better about laughing at these reactions to Dunn’s misstep.