Rookie Kyle Freeland’s Mom Has the Perfect Reaction to Her Son Losing No-Hitter in the 9th Inning


(Photo: Getty Images)

As Colorado Rockies rookie Kyle Freeland stared down the barrel of a historic no-hitter, his dad couldn’t even watch, vacating his seat during the eighth inning of team’s Sunday meeting with the Chicago White Sox.

“I think he ran away to hide,” Freeland said.

But Mom stuck around, and embodied baseball fans everywhere when her 24-year-old son finally surrendered the first hit of his 18th start in the majors, off the bat of Melky Cabrera.

Here’s Mom once Cabrera’s liner was struck.

One doesn’t need audio to decipher her reaction: “Nooo! Shit!”

Cabrera joined the Coors Field fans in applauding Freeland after his hit.

“I wasn’t thinking about anything else, just a good pitch to hit,” Cabrera said, according to the Denver Post. “You have to give credit to him.”

Before Cabrera’s single, Freeland was bidding to become the first Rockies pitcher to throw a no-hitter in the offense-friendly confines of Coors Field. The Denver native was also vying to pitch the fourth ever no-hitter for a pitcher’s hometown team while playing at home.

After the knock, Freeland exited having thrown 8.1 innings, allowing three walks and striking out a career-high nine. Jordan Lyles came on to seal a 10-0 victory.

“We went in-out, up-down, keep them guessing on a lot of things,” Freeland said. “It was a good team win. It was fun to battle out there.”