Holy Crap, Kyle Schwarber Looks So Different After Offseason Weight Loss

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Kyle Schwarber is a supreme talent with a stick in his hand at the plate.

But in the outfield? A different story.

In an effort to improve his glove work, the Chicago Cubs slugger spent the offseason, among other things, loading the other kind of plate—the kind one approaches with a fork and not a bat—with a new diet.

Here’s what he used to look like.

And here’s what he looks like now.

I know.

He’s even stolen two bases this spring, off Buster Posey no less.

The hope for Schwarber is that he’s improved his tools in the outfield, a position new to the former catcher when he entered the league, without sacrificing his prodigious power.

“Everyone is caught up in the weight-loss thing,” Schwarber told ESPN in December. “I’m not. I’m training my body for 162 games times nine innings or maybe more. I want to be an MVP. I want to be a Gold Glover. I want to set my standards really high. … I’m already a strong guy. The best thing to do now is to train to be more baseball-specific: get faster, get more explosive because I’m playing the outfield. I want better first steps to the ball. Instead of diving for that ball, I want to catch it on my chest. That’s the goal.”

Fellow residents of the NL Central had better hope that’s not the case.