Cleveland News Station Savagely Rips Kyrie Irving in Promo

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Kyrie Irving continues to sit on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ roster, and yet those in the Ohio city are so very ready to see him leave. As much was made clear by Fox 8 in Cleveland, who took an extremely unsubtle jab at Irving in what’s masquerading as a news promo.

The spot features images of the city’s celebratory parade following the Cavs’ 2016 NBA championship victory.

“This is Cleveland. You’re either with us or against us,” a gruff voice says. “You have to be tough to thrive here.”

Then a shot of Irving at the parade appears just as the announcer utters, “And if you don’t want to be part of our story, that’s fine,” before images of LeBron James take his place.

“That’s fine. This city belongs to the King. Cleveland’s own Fox 8 news,” the voice continues, before delivering an odd final line, considering how instrumental Irving was to the Cavs’ championship run: “Oh yeah. Enjoy the ring.”

During a meeting with members of the Cavaliers front office in July, Irving reportedly requested a trade from the team. This past weekend, Irving was seen laughing at Harrison Barnes’ wedding as Stephen Curry mocked a viral video featuring LeBron.

I’d hate to see with Fox 8 comes up with when LeBron leaves via free agency next offseason.

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