Kyrie Irving Is Defending His Flat Earth Theory Again

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Five months after Kyrie Irving asserted “Earth is flat,” he appeared to claim he was just trying to troll the media.

Now it sounds like he’s not so sure what shape the planet he lives on is (spoiler alert: it’s round).

“The whole intent behind it, Coach, it wasn’t to bash science,” the Boston Celtics point guard said in an interview with Geno Auriemma. “It wasn’t to like have the intent of starting a rage and be seen as this insane individual. When I started seeing comments and things about universal truths that I had known, like I had questions.

“When I started actually doing research on my own and figuring out that there is no real picture of Earth, not one real picture of Earth—and we haven’t been back to the moon since 1961 or 1969—it becomes like conspiracy, too.”

Skrrrrt. Hold up. No real pictures of Earth?

What I think Kyrie thinks he’s trying to say is that most of the images of Earth we see are composite photos, because our satellites don’t travel far enough from the planet to capture the entire beautiful monstrosity in one shot.

Like this one.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t real, singular images of the planet. Look at this utterly haunting picture taken from the moon during Apollo 8 in 1968.

Or this picture from Apollo 17 in 1972.

Anyway, Kyrie went on to say that what frustrated him was that people dismissed him solely because he apparently believed something totally batshit.

“The separation that I can’t stand is because I think one particular way … then there’s a tirade of comments of who I am character-wise,” he said. “The only intent was for people to open up and do their own research. It wasn’t to, ‘OK, let me figure out and go against science. Let me go against what I’ve been told is right, and all this stuff.’ The only intent was just to wake up and do your our research.”

Yeah, do your own research, and don’t trust Kyrie’s.