Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler Belt Out ‘A Thousand Miles,’ Carmelo Anthony Not Feeling It


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While Draymond Green was busy exposing his junk to Snapchat users around the globe, his Team USA teammates were exposing something almost as embarrassing—their love of Vanessa Carlton.

On the heels of their 35-point exhibition blowout against Venezuela, the team flew to Texas, where they'll have Nigeria in another tune-up on Monday night.

It was during this flight that Draymond slid into everyone's nightmares, and when Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving led (most of) the team in a singalong of Carlton's tribute to the ever so dangerous practice of playing the piano in a moving pickup truck, "A Thousand Miles."

Most of the teammates were on board. 

But not Carmelo Anthony, who, in his own personal aerial hell, looked to be considering exiting the plane with or without a parachute.


Melo ain't having it…

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Green's pre-d*ck pic account of the impromptu karaoke also caught the New York Knicks star giving the rest of America's roster the veteran side-eye.

On Twitter, Carlton understood where Melo is coming from, but had to hand it to the squad's pipes.