Kyrie Irving Sat Out Against the Thunder Because Fear of Bed Bugs Made Him Tired


(Photo: Getty)

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving played nine minutes against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday before exiting the game in the first quarter.

He did not return.

The reason? According to the team, Irving was suffering from "flu-like symptoms"—a euphemism usually reserved for players a team wants to rest or guys that got a little too turnt the night before.

But Irving said after the game that neither was the case.

"I felt alright," he said. "Our team said I was out with flu-like symptoms. It was honestly from the bed bugs from the frickin' Hilton that we stayed at. As you can see, I got it at the top of my head, it's just like bed bugs and I didn't get any sleep. We came into the game, then I was freaked out, then I started feeling nauseous so it was just a whole bunch of BS honestly. Coming into today I got a lot of rest and felt better."

If I'm deciphering the statement correctly, it sounds like Irving saw bugs in his bed, and was so scared he couldn't get back to sleep.

So were they actual bed bugs or just bugs in Irving's bed?

The Oklahoman reports that inspectors confirmed there was an isolated bed bug infestation in one room of The Skirvin Hotel, where most NBA teams stay when playing the Thunder, on Sunday.

“Unfortunately, every hotel at some point or the other has a case of the bed bugs,” said Skirvin director of rooms Jessica Dustin on Monday night. “We were fortunate enough that he did report it to us immediately."

Thankfully the Cavaliers didn't need Irving, as they had Thunder guard Dion Waiters (practically) on their side.