Lakers Fans Boo D’Angelo Russell During Player Intros

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty)

D'Angelo Russell may have apologized to Nick Young and the rest of his Los Angeles Lakers teammates, but the franchise's fans are anything but ready to let his video gaffe go.

Before the team's game against the Miami Heat on Wednesday, the rookie point guard addressed the media for a public apology.

Though his teammates apparently accepted his apology …

… either the fans in attendance at Staples Center that night didn't go the memo, or they didn't care.

When Russell was announced during player introductions, his name was met with boos.

Though the optimist in me is pretending they were just booing the spelling of whoever controls the Staples Center JumboTron.

Here's a video in which the boos are more pronounced, though it quickly devolves into a loose recap of the debacle.

"Oh, I knew that was going to happen," Russell said after the game. "It's all good."

To make the night even weirder, the Lakers actually beat a good Heat team in overtime, thanks to this Julius Randle game-winner.

Russell continued to be lightly booed whenever he touched the ball. He had a rough shooting night, going 6-of-19 from the field and scoring 16 points in the 102-100 victory.

"Adversity is always tough, especially with a group of young guys," said Kobe Bryant, who himself shot 1-of-7 for two points in just nine minutes—he sat out after the first quarter. "There's always light, even when it's the darkest. Even when you can't see it at all."