Watch These Hockey Players Get Into The Lamest Hockey Fight You’ll Ever See

Joe Welkie
hockey fight
(Photo: hockey fight)

If you’ve never seen a hockey fight, you are missing something truly special. Hockey fights are the perfect blend of machismo, grace, elegance, and downright brutality. There is a strategy when it comes to swinging at a dude’s face while you’re trying to maintain your balance on ice skates. It takes years of practice, and most of the time, it’s one of the more entertaining aspects of a game.

Luke Schenn and Antoine Roussel really need to practice their fighting. In the middle of Tuesday’s Coyotes–Stars game, these two decided it was time to take the gloves off and throw down. What happened next is confusing, weird, and just plain stupid looking.

That’s right, zero punches were thrown. Just a ton of pushing and pulling of the jerseys. I bet if you put some Metallica behind that scene, it would just look like these two were head-banging to the music.

Get better at fighting, you two.

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