Georgia Tech Football Player Knocks Teammate Out Cold At Athletic Facility

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Georgia Tech defensive back Lance Austin hopes to, and probably will, play in the NFL in 2018, a year after his senior season. One thing he’ll want to improve if he wants to go up against the likes of A.J. Green and Mike Evans: his punch blocking.

Early on Tuesday, TMZ shared a video reportedly taken six months ago that shows Austin getting knocked out cold in a school athletic facility.

In the clip, Austin steps toward fellow starting senior cornerback Step Durham, who at first responds with a push to the chest before saying “Come on” and unwinding a punch that connects square with Austin’s jaw.

Austin freezes and drops to the floor immediately. Durham, realizing how cleanly and hard he got his teammate, helps him off an overturned chair his teammate’s fallen over.

“Georgia Tech’s football coaching staff became aware of the incident between teammates and friends shortly after it occurred,” the school responded to the surfacing of the video. “Discipline was handled internally.”

Last year, Austin led the ACC in passes defended.

The Yellow Jackets finished 5-6 this season. Neither player lost playing time over the incident. Probably because the coaches were afraid of what Durham could do to them if they’d punished him.

No one wants to end up like this poor coach.