Maybe UNC Is Bad At Football Because Their Coach Is A Dumbass

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

A tip of the soft-brimmed hat to UNC head coach Larry Fedora.

The man’s got some hot takes. Mind-bogglingly dumb. But hot.

Just when you thought that everyone agreed that football and concussions go hand-in-hand, a man who watches kids get their heads wrecked every day doubted that certainty.

Seriously, guy?

According to Fedora, the softening of football — like rules aimed at limiting traumatic injuries — would mean more than a less enjoyable pastime to consume on the weekend; it’d mean the downfall of the United States.

Because nothing brings down a nation like not wanting your loved ones to have their brains turned to mush.

Who is attacking football? What sick f—s would have the gaul to hope their children could walk past age 55?

Larry Hipster Hat wouldn’t say. Fear for your life from a deep-state-style attack much?

Groundswells. Those babies are no good.

The Tar Heels went 3-9 last year, and 1-7 in the rather unimpressive ACC.