Larry Nance Makes Fun of Defender Crossed to the Ground by Jordan Clarkson

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty)

The youngsters of the Los Angeles Lakers were at it again on Tuesday.

After handing the Golden State Warriors perhaps the most surprising defeat in NBA history, the Lakers responded by beating the team that barely lost to the Dubs twice this season—the Orlando Magic.

Julius Randle was doing Julius Randle things, like driving by Ersan Ilyasova for a two-hand slamma jamma.

D'Angelo Russell was doing D'Angelo Russell  things, like making sweet no-look dishes and screaming at the basketball.

Jordan Clarkson was doing Jordan Clarkson things, like shaking poor Evan Fournier out of his boots before canning a three-pointer.

Lastly, Larry Nance was doing … Robert Sacre things, like jubilantly celebrating Clarkson's play on the bench, imitating Fournier (who's having a solid season in his own right) going down.

Randle stressed the importance of following their shocking performance with another win.

"It was important," Randle said. "We've got to show that we've grown. We're not just satisfied with one game, but we're able to come back the next game and play that well again."

The Lakers are now 14-51, matching a season-best five-game stretch with a 3-2 record, and in danger of playing themselves out of their first-round draft pick. If they don't land one of the first three overall selections, the pick conveys to the Philadelphia 76ers.



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