The Latest ‘MLB The Show’ Glitch Is What Nightmares Are Made Of

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter)

MLB The Show 17 is chock-full of updates to make your fake baseball experience more like the real thing.

And up until very recently, it also included an unintentional update that might keep you awake for weeks in a desperate attempt to stave off the horrifying monsters they've inserted into your dreams.

During a stream in which they covered "graphical improvements," Sony San Diego, who developed the game, shared the nightmarish glitch, which appeared when using the create-a-player hair slider and has since been eradicated from the game. Fast-forward to the 19:00 mark in their Twitch stream.

“We’ve had several bugs throughout the year that create these effects,” said Patrick Hager, the game's lead graphics progammer. “I don’t even remember what the bug was. It was just, some compute phase was out of sync.”

Of course, video games seemingly developing a mind of their own (a mind that is affected by a questionable cocktail of acid, heroin, and PCP) is nothing new—Madden and FIFA have each produced their share of ridiculous breakdowns.

The latest installment of the baseball video game will be released later this month. Here's a compilation of the most ludicrous MLB The Show glitches in the game's history.

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