College Football Player Punches Out Coach On The Sideline


(Photo: TSU athletics)

Not only do those on the Tennessee State University football team sideline have to be wary of errant passes, an assistant coach apparently should have been ready for the fist of Tigers defensive end Latrelle Lee.

During the team’s 23-20 win over Southeast Missouri at Hale Stadium on Saturday, Lee connected with the face of strength and conditioning coach T.J. Greenstone, dropping the former Vanderbilt defensive lineman to the ground.

Before the getting duffed in the face, Greenstone told Lee to back away from the sideline.

According to the Tennessean:

During games, Greenstone, a former Vanderbilt football player, is charged with keeping players who aren’t in the game from getting too close to the sideline to avoid a penalty.

The Tigers offense was on the field at the time as Greenstone walked down the sideline telling players to move back if they were too close. Lee is seen in videos hitting Greenstone twice on the side of his head.

On Monday, the school expelled Lee, a 22-year-old criminal justice major.

 “We, of course, do not condone any act of violence within our department and are very disturbed by the action of one of our students,” TSU athletics director Teresa Phillips said in a statement. “We are committed to supporting the coach who was personally affected and our concern now is with him.”