Mike D’Antoni’s Wife Savagely Burns Lakers President Magic Johnson

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter / Getty Images)

Once again, a tweet has come back to bite Los Angeles Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson in the ass.

This one was originally fired off after the organization, reeling from a 27-55 season, saw head coach Mike D’Antoni resign in the summer of 2014, once the team had relayed that they wouldn’t be picking up their option on the coach’s contract for the 2015-16 season.

This came two and a half years before the organization would hire Johnson, a Lakers legend, as president of basketball operations.

Now, D’Antoni is head coach of the Houston Rockets, who’ve become a two-way juggernaut and as a result own the best record in the Western Conference at 18-4.

The Lakers, meanwhile, claim the fifth-worst record in the NBA, and over the offseason traded arguably their best prospect to shed salary and make way for a rookie who’s so far been one of the worst shooters in the history of the league.

Despite D’Antoni’s recent success, his wife Laurel D’Antoni apparently hasn’t forgotten what Magic said about her husband three and a half years ago.

After her favorite team embarrassed the Lakers by a score of 118-95 on Sunday night, she sent some low-key shade Magic’s way.

Here’s the face of the boss who took it upon herself to own a Hall of Famer with five championship rings.