LaVar Ball Blames Lakers Loss On One Of Lonzo Ball’s Teammates


(Photo: Getty Images)

Lonzo Ball payed an entire basketball game with a better-than-embarrassing shooting percentage! Bully for him!

Predictably, his dad took the occasion of his son’s shooting above 40 percentage in a game (5-of-12, or a mediocre 41.7 percent) for just the sixth time in 21 tries to crap on one of Lonzo’s Los Angeles Lakers teammates, unjustifiably so.

LaVar Ball blames the loss on Julius Randle.

After the team fell to the Golden State Warriors in overtime, the verbose father or Lonzo claimed the contest shouldn’t have even gone to an extra period, and wouldn’t have if not for a supposed mistake on the part of Lakers big man Julius Randle with five seconds remaining in a tie game.

“I’ll tell you the crucial point,” LaVar said after the 127-123 loss. “When Julius got that ball at the end, he should have threw it forward. Lonzo had a wide open layup! Or three-pointer. That’s game! It wouldn’t have went to overtime, that was game.

…. Julius tried to take too many dribbles, then they fouled him, or they called timeout. But if he would have thrown the ball ahead, coach wouldn’t have called a timeout. Even if he did, he can’t call it because the ball’s in the air. Lonzo’s running the lane, game over. That’s the best time to score.”

LaVar is either lying or misremembering.

Here’s video of the play in question. Lonzo is maybe five feet away from Randle and 70 feet from the basket when head coach Luke Walton, who’s also been publicly criticized by the point guard’s father, calls a timeout.

The guy LaVar Ball blames the loss on scored 20 points off the bench on 9-of-13 shooting, for a better percentage than his son has ever shot in an NBA game.