LaVar Ball Has Some Dumbass Thoughts About Kawhi Leonard Now

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

LaVar Ball has been pretty busy ruining the basketball careers of his two younger sons.

So he’s had little time for his favorite pastime: adding unnecessary pressure to eldest son Lonzo Ball.

This tradition has come in many forms, like trashing Lonzo’s coach, trashing Lonzo’s teammates, and making Lonzo’s opponents want to destroy the rookie point guard.

But the original flavor of LaVar’s cringeworthy verbosity will always be his favorably contrasting Lonzo’s game to the games of all-time greats.

Coming for Kawhi

Before Lonzo was even drafted, LaVar told TMZ his son would be better than Stephen Curry and Jason Kidd. The father also said a young Michael Jordan didn’t have the marketing power of Lonzo.

So LaVar’s response when asked if Kawhi Leonard is better than Lonzo shouldn’t surprise you.

“Stop it! Hell no.”

(Fast-forward to the 8:56 mark.)

Lonzo appears to be a soft-spoken kid. So I can understand LaVar’s desire to grab the proverbial mic and raise his son’s brand and profile. And undoubtedly he’s been successful in that endeavor.

But this specific type of take is getting old, fast. The ripples created by these recent comments are nothing compared to those in the wake of his assertions about Curry and Kidd. Fans have become numb to it.

Instead, LaVar’s just drawing a bigger target on Lonzo’s back for the people who are still actually paying attention to such slights: NBA players.

That strategy hasn’t exactly worked out for the Balls in the past.