LaVar Ball Says Lonzo Ball Won’t Re-Sign With Lakers Unless They Do Something Really Dumb

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Lakers have won eight of 10, easily their best stretch in an otherwise miserable season. They’ve also done it all without injured rookie point guard Lonzo Ball.

Which is probably why Lonzo’s father LaVar Ball, a never-ending vortex of bad opinions, felt the need to re-insert his son’s name into the minds of Lakers and NBA fans—by threatening to pull his son off the team at the earliest possible opportunity (actually, even earlier than that).

In Lithuania to support the professional careers of Lonzo’s younger brothers LiAngelo and LaMelo, Ball told reporter Donatas Urbonas that his eldest won’t re-sign with the Lakers in 2020 if the team doesn’t ensure roster spots for all three brothers.

Ball said, according to Urbonas:

I want all my three boys to play for the Lakers. But if that does not happen. I’m telling you the story what’s gonna happen first. If they don’t take Gelo this year. I bring back Gelo here to play with Melo for two years. Lonzo will be on his third year and I want every NBA team know, that Lonzo is not going to re-sign with the Lakers but will go to any team that will take all my three boys. That’s my plan.

Lonzo plays best when he is with his brother. Why wouldn’t he—he is hell of a shooter. They dont’ play the same position. You see how successful he was when he was with his brother?

Why wouldn’t you be smart and say, ‘So, you want your brother?’ Come on, let’s complete the royal flush and get the other brother.

We don’t have to go to any draft. Just sign him in a free agency. You don’t have to give Gelo $15 million. Give my million for three years, we’ll take it. Cuase they make so much money off the court, they lose spare change.

So now you win championship after championship on fact that my boys will never leave. That’s what I mean championship, championship, championship. You got to keep the team toegether for a long time, but you can’t because more money is offered, that’s why guys jumping between the teams.

But what’s better than three Ball boys together? the big three. The original big three.

Just one problem (actually, just the first of many): Lonzo doesn’t have the option to re-sign in the 2020 offseason. The Lakers will have an option on the final year of his rookie-scale contract. The year after that, he’ll be a restricted free agent, so the Lakers will have the option to match any contract another team gives him. That is, unless he takes the qualifying offer, in which he’d play for just over $14 million in 2021-22 before hitting unrestricted free agency.

Another snag: Scouts have all but announced LiAngelo is not even close to an NBA prospect. The jury’s still out on LaMelo, the youngest, however.

Anyway, I can’t wait for Lonzo to metaphorically (or, in our dreams, literally) slap his father out of his NBA career.