LaVar Ball Speech Fails to Motivate Son’s AAU Team as They Get Blown Out by 52 Points


(Photo: YouTube)

Apparently the Compton Magic, an AAU team, didn’t require much motivation in their blowout victory over LaVar Ball and his Big Ballers squad over the weekend.

“They were already amped for this,” said Magic coach Darin Graham of his team’s victory over the Big Ballers, who feature LaMelo Ball, the youngest of LaVar’s three sons. “It didn’t really take much to get these guys hyped up.”

After the rout had ensued in front of an in-attendance James Harden, LaVar treated the team to his version of a pep talk.

The players took it about as well as anyone would take being yelled at by a guy in cargo shorts and flip-flops, losing 109-57.

LaMelo, who once scored 92 points in a high school game, was particularly awful in the contest, finishing with 15 points on lots of terrible shots.

Early in the contest, LaVar said that Magic star Timmy Allen couldn’t guard his son. As that assertion proved to be false, Allen began responding in the form of trash talk. After a huge Allen dunk put Compton up 74-24, Allen looked toward LaVar and said “Big Baller, what?” among other taunts.

“I don’t like to back down to anybody, no matter who you are and LaVar is nobody different,”  Allen said after the win. “So I said some stuff back.”