LaVar Ball Calls Steve Kerr Coaching’s “Milli Vanilli”: “That Team Was Put Together By Mark Jackson”

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

LaVar Ball is coaching exhibition games in Lithuania, and has all but called to be named the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. But now he’s setting his sights just a little bit higher: the Golden State Warriors.

The father of Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball believes coaching the Warriors isn’t that hard, comparing the success of Steve Kerr to that of late-’80s R&B duo Milli Vanilli; the group stripped of a Grammy when the world learned they hadn’t actually sung on any of their recordings.

“Anybody can be a coach. Look at Steve Kerr,” Ball told reporter Jonas Miklovas on Monday. “He’s the Milli Vanilli of coaching. What I mean is, you can go stand in the same spot like Luke Walton did and win 20-something games when you’ve got the right horses just running. Sometimes less coaching is the best coaching, but some of these guys like to act like they’ve really coached some guys that know how to play.

“How do you coach KD [Kevin Durant], Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson? You know how you coach them? You don’t. Turn your back and let them do what they do. As soon as they win the championship, everybody is like ‘Oh, he’s a great coach.’ That team was put together by Mark Jackson. And now he jumped up and (is) trying to take all the credit. That’s why I’m calling him Milli Vanilli of coaching.”

The Warriors won 51 games with Jackson at the helm in 2013-14, and were eliminated by the Los Angeles Clippers in the playoffs’ first round. The next season, with Jackson replaced by Kerr, they went 67-15. Kerr’s biggest adjustments: starting Draymond Green (who averaged 10 minutes more per game in 2014-15 than in the previous year under Jackson), barely playing David Lee (who saw his minutes get cut practically in half after the change), and sending Andre Iguodala to the bench to bolster second units. 

These changes culminated in the Dubs’ first championship in 40 years.

That might explain why the notion that anyone can walk in and do what Kerr does made David West’s face do this.

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