Good Lord, LaVar Ball’s Basketball League Is Even More Embarrassing Than We Thought

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

We knew the basketball in LaVar Ball’s JBA league wouldn’t be great.

In fact, everyone did: Ticket sales for the alternative to college hoops have been comically weak.

But no one imagined the play in the league, populated by LaMelo Ball and zero other top-150 college prospects, would be this miserable.

Warning: You might wanna have a barf bag handy.

That’s LaMelo kicking things off by pretending to play defense before letting his man casually stroll into the paint.

It’s not all bad though. At some point, someone made a real-life shot!

Too bad no one, save for the players and a camera operator, were there to see it.

LaVar has spun the laughable attendance by, in true LaVar fashion, saying a lot without really saying anything at all.

“They said nobody’s coming to this,” Ball said, according to the Los Angeles Times. “Everybody here is somebody. Nobody here is nobody.”

O … K?

He added: “Everybody was like, no, the D-I players are already going to college and all this. I don’t want them players. I want the ones that’s hungry. That’s what we’re going to have right here.”

Unsurprisingly, LaVar has changed his tune from December, when he indicated the JBA would be picking off one-and-done talents from the likes of Florida State.