Cavaliers Let GM David Griffin Go, Against the Wishes of ‘Disappointed’ LeBron James

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

As the Cleveland Cavaliers try to secure another superstar to help LeBron James and Co. toward another NBA Finals run, the franchise will have to do so without the man whose job it is to acquire said talent. Owner Dan Gilbert has decided to let general manager David Griffin walk once his contract expires on June 30.

Griffin has served in the role for three seasons. The Cavs went to the NBA Finals in all three. For that reason alone, the GM’s departure is surprising.

But it’s yet more shocking when one considers how LeBron and his teammates felt about the general manager.

Gilbert and James haven’t been on the best of terms since the former called the latter’s free agency move to the Miami Heat in 2010 a “cowardly betrayal.” Their relationship is thought to have contributed to LeBron’s decision to leave.

In January, the two were reportedly once again at odds, this time over the roster’s hefty payroll.

Maybe those rumors about LeBron leaving town in 2018 aren’t so crazy after all.


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