LeBron James Drops F-Bomb During Parade Speech, Roasts Stephen Curry

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

Over a million fans descended on downtown Cleveland on Wednesday, many in the wee hours of the morning, just so they could catch a glimpse of the world champion Cleveland Cavaliers celebrating the city’s first championship in over five decades.


With the city flooded with people, it took six hours for the parade to finally end, which meant it took a long time for LeBron James to reach the microphone at the tail end of the celebration. But when it was time, he didn’t hold back and didn’t give a f*ck who was listening.

The number of curse words from LeBron’s victory speech had to have been in the double-digits. That’s just how he chose to deliver it (“from the heart” as he said in the beginning).

But rather than bask in the glory of being Cleveland’s savior, LeBron chose to spend his celebration speech thanking each teammate individually.

Here’s James dropping an F-bomb while talking about Timofey Mozgov:

It was a beautiful moment and only a little bit humble-braggy, but James went through every teammate one-by-one explaining how much they meant to him and the team.

LeBron praised his teammate Kyrie Irving a lot, but when it was time for Bron Bron to thank Kevin Love, the admiration became even greater.

He also threw some shade at Stephen Curry.

Only LeBron can get away with roasting a two-time MVP and dropping F-bombs on live television. But I highly doubt that crowd cared about silly FCC rules.

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