LeBron James Jr. Blocks Shot, Goes Coast-to-Coast for the And-1

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: YouTube)

LeBron James and his sons are going to take over the NBA in a way that’s even more dominant than the Griffeys in the MLB or the Mannings in the NFL.

Both LeBron James Jr. (fifth grade) and Bryce James (third grade) are making names for themselves, not just for being the children of the four-time MVP.

We all know that LeBron’s kids can ball, but apparently they’re winners as well.

Both Bronny and Bryce helped lead their young North Coast Blue Chips teams to championships in the Buckeye Prep Invitational. And from the highlights alone, it’s easy to understand why they won. Just check out this coast-to-coast and-1 play by James Jr. after he stuffed a kid on the other end of the floor.

There’s a reason why colleges are already starting to recruit these kids.

But LeBron’s third grade son has arguably more upside.

When I first watched these highlights, I didn’t realize both of his kids were playing at different age levels. It’s hard to tell the difference. I’m sure Bryce would have no problem balling with the older kids.

It will be fascinating to see how both kids develop over time. Will they look like LeBron when they grow up? Or will one kid be a big man and the other a point guard?

Either way, Ohio State should be pretty excited.