Some Kid Learned The Hard Way Why You Don’t Trash-Talk LeBron James Jr.

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

LeBron James Jr. may have found his very own Lance Stephenson.

The 13-year-old “Bronny” and his AAU team, the North Coast Blue Chips, are in Charlotte this week competing in the USBA National Championship.

According to, a member of the Alabama Hoopers tried to trash-talk King James’ offspring. 

Bronny responded by splashing four threes in the faces of the trash-talker and his teammates.

I take it back, that kid’s not Bronny’s Lance. That kid can actually shoot, and I don’t foresee their joining forces.

The Blue Chips won 84-59, holding the Hoopers to just 27 points in the second half.

Bronny’s composure in the face of trash talk shouldn’t be all that surprising. His dad’s prepared him for that sorta thing.

“I think from the burden of him having the name itself, I think him understanding that just go out and just play the game and have fun and play for your teammates and give it all you’ve got,” LeBron told ASAP Sports in June. “You play hard, you play smart and have fun, and let everything else take care of itself.

“The one thing that I have is the luxury of knowing everything that he can expect. There’s nothing that can hit him that I haven’t seen in my life. There is no obstacle that he will run into that I haven’t been a part of that I can’t coach him.”

LeBron’s main message to his oldest kid? Ignore the haters: “But I hope he turns off his comments on social media. That would be the smartest thing he can do.”

Wise words from a wise man.