LeBron James Mocks Kevin Durant Over His Fake Twitter Account Debacle

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Kevin Durant got thoroughly raked over coals for his using anonymous social media accounts to argue with, and curse out, NBA fans.

On Friday, LeBron James joined the mock party.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star joined the podcast Road Trippin’, which features teammate Channing Frye and former teammate Richard Jefferson.

“I don’t know if you know this, but [Frye has] been arguing with fans online on Snapchat,” Jefferson said before LeBron interrupted.

“From your account?” LeBron cracked, setting off a fit of laughter. 

“Did you just throw a shot?” Jefferson could barely muster through his joy.

“Shots fired!” screamed Frye.

The group then got into the idea of “burner accounts,” and LeBron, most definitely in a tongue-in-cheek effort to cover himself, claimed that his joke was over the second-most famous sports-related burner account, that of the wife of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

“Yeah, I just found out about it with Roger Goodell’s wife,” he said. “That’s what I was talking about, she has a burner account.”

Nice try, LeBron.

He then assured fans they’ll never have to worry about him pretending to be someone else on social media.

“Well listen, fans. I want to let you all know this is LeBron James speaking right now. I am @kingjames on Twitter, I am @kingjames on Instagram,” he said. “When you see me post something on Uninterrupted this is all me. I actually use both of my thumbs, left and right, when I want to say something, reply to something, talk to y’all, give y’all insight. This is me. I don’t have [have a burner]. What you see is what you get.”

Seriously can’t wait for the inevitable NBA Finals rematch between LeBron and Roger Goodell’s wife.