An Artist Had To Erase His LeBron James Mural Because Lakers Fans Are Insufferable

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Jonas Never (@never1959) / Menso One (@mensoone))

That sick LeBron James mural in Venice was painted over again.

But not by vandals this time.

This past weekend, artists Jonas Never and Menso One graced Baby Blues BBQ with an ode to the Lakers’ newest superstar.

Unsurprisingly, the fan base that tries to win every argument, basketball or otherwise, by burying their fingers in their ears and screaming “KOBE!” at the tops of their lungs proved in short order that they didn’t deserve it.

One of the artists returned for what he described as a “super-easy fix.”

On Wednesday, fans noticed that it’d again been painted over.

But vandals weren’t responsible this time around. Never painted over it himself, probably because he was sick of having to cover for embarrassing Lakers fans.

I’m shocked, shocked I say, that the fan base responsible for this and this would be so ignorant.