LeBron James Explains Why He Only Has 4 MVP Awards


(Photo: Getty Images)

If it feels like LeBron James has been putting up the same numbers year in and year out for a decade in a half, it’s  because he has been.

And despite his consistently leading teams to the top tier of the Eastern Conference, the four-time MVP hasn’t claimed that honor since 2013.

And while he wasn’t necessarily referring specifically to MVP snubs, LeBron shared a pretty solid theory as to why his play can get overlooked—because he’s been doing it for so damn long.

“I think people have just grown accustomed of what I do and it gets taken for granted at times what I do because I do it so often and it’s been a constant thing for so long,” James told ESPN’s Dave McMenamin. “It’s like, ‘Oh, that’s what LeBron’s supposed to do.’ It looks easy, but it’s not.”

He made it look easy last night against the Sacramento Kings.

James opened the contest by throwing five slick passes on the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ first six possessions …

… then he took over later in the game to ice things.

“[LeBron’s] amazing. He’s just demanding the ball,” said marksman Kyle Korver after the 101-95 victory, the Cavs’ 13th win in a row. “He’s like, ‘Give me the ball. We’re about to win.’ I’ve been around some guys who had amazing years. [LeBron], Derrick [Rose] when he was MVP, Allen Iverson when I was young. Guys who [are] just amazing. But he’s taken this to a whole new level. It’s amazing to have a bette- than-front-row seat, because I’m usually on the court standing next to him somewhere. So he’s playing some really special basketball at the end of the game.”

LeBron finished the night with 32 points, 11 rebounds, nine assists, two steals, and three blocks. His averages of 28.2 points, eight rebounds, 8.2 assists, and 1.2 blocks all exceed his career averages, and he’s shooting career-best percentages from the field (58.7 percent), from three-point range (43), and from two (64.2).