Of Course LeBron James Doesn’t Want The Playoff Format To Change

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Count LeBron James among the few who don’t think the best 16 teams in the NBA should make the playoffs.

When confronted with the prospect of a changing playoff format—which commissioner Adam Silver floated during All-Star Weekend—LeBron cited history and some very tenuous logic to back up his desire to keep the system as is.

“I would disagree with that. I think our league has been built the right way as far as when it comes to the postseason. There’s been dominant conferences throughout time,” LeBron said during Cleveland Cavaliers practice on Wednesday.

His reasoning, if you want to call it that: Umm … because sometimes basketball teams are good at basketball? 

“Obviously, in the ’80s you had … the Lakers who dominated the league at one point then you had the Celtics dominate the league,” LeBron continued. “In the ’90s you had Chicago who dominated the league. San Antonio has had its run. We had our run in the East in Miami. Golden State is having their run.

“It just changes the landscape of the history of the game. If you start messing with seedings [and] the playoffs, then you start talking about if this team would’ve played this Western Conference team, would he …

“You know, it’s cool to mess with the All-Star Game, and we can prove that you can do that. But let’s not get too crazy about the playoffs.”

Yes, LeBron wants to keep the format the same way because history. Not because he’s ridden it to seven consecutive NBA Finals. Definitely not that.