LeBron James Vacations With Nuggets President Josh Kroenke, Terrifies the City of Cleveland


(Photo: Getty)

After coming oh so close to landing a surprising superstar this summer, Denver Nuggets president Josh Kroenke is rubbing elbows with an even bigger name: LeBron James.

A month after Denver missed out on signing Dwyane Wade—the former Miami Heat guard decided on a homecoming with the Chicago Bulls—Kroenke was spotted on James' Instagram story as the pair partied in Italy on what is assumed to be the billionaire's new 290-foot yacht.

Which wouldn't be that big of a deal—except that LeBron is technically a free agent since he still hasn't signed a new contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

If Kroenke's name sounds familiar, it's because he is the son of Stan Kroenke, the sneaky douche who turned the St. Louis Rams into the Los Angeles Rams and also owns the Nuggets, Colorado Avalance, and Colorado Rapids (Josh is techincally listed as the owner of the Colorado sports teams due to the NFL's restrictions on owners having teams in other markets). Forbes estimated Stan is worth $6 billion and his wife Ann Walton Kroenke is heiress to the Wal-Mart fortune.

Maverick Carter, James' trusted advisor, was also in attendance.

Could Denver be the future site of the LeBron–Wade–Carmelo Anthony–Chris Paul super team the group of friends has been hoping to form?

Probably not. James wouldn't do Cleveland like that, right?