LeBron James Was Ejected For The First Time In His Entire Career


(Photo: LeBron James was ejected from a game for the first time ever)

During a game that saw the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Miami Heat, history was made. This is a game that will live in NBA history, and it will live in infamy. During the contest, LeBron James was ejected from a game for the first time ever. It’s hard to believe, but the NBA’s golden child was booted from the game after getting into it with a referee.

James was driving to the basket when he felt he was fouled. There was no call on the play, and James began yelling and gesturing wildly toward the ref, Kane Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald was having none of it, and ejected James almost immediately from the game.

Have a look at the play and see if it was a good no-call, or if James was filled with anger for all the right reasons. Either way, he got booted from the game.

The ejection didn’t really play a huge factor in the final score. The Cavs won pretty handily, 108 to 97, but this game will go in the books as a milestone in LeBron James’ career. He finally got ejected.