LeBron James Will Pay Dahntay Jones’ Fine for Punching Bismack Biyombo in the Balls


(Photo: Getty)

While in one conference finals series, striking an opposing player's nuts has been legalized for at least one team, in the Eastern Conference Finals, it's still very much against the rules.

That's why Cleveland Cavaliers bench-warmer Dahntay Jones was suspended for catching Toronto Raptors center Bismack Biyombo in the balls with a fist at the end of the teams' Game 3 matchup.

Have no fear, Dahntay, because your fearless leader LeBron James will be paying that fine for you.

And have no fear, LeBron's checkbook, because that fine will come out to a grand total of $80.

Because the Cavaliers signed Jones before their last regular season game, his league minimum salary was prorated out to $8,800. One-game suspensions without pay in the playoffs mean a player forfeits 1/110 of his salary. Or, in Jones' case, 80 bucks.

After losing Game 3, James said he'd "take care" of Jones' financial loss before finding out the exact cost.

Reporters asked James his opinion of the controversial play in the Western Conference Finals in which Draymond Green kicked Steven Adams in the testicles.

"I have no opinion on it," James said. "(The NBA) didn't ask me my opinion on Dahntay's play so they definitely don't want to hear my opinion on Draymond, so it doesn't matter."