Get Hype, Lakers Fans: LeBron James Just Bought A Second House In Los Angeles

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Normally, an insanely wealthy person’s purchasing an expensive home in Los Angeles is nothing to bat an eye at. But when that individual is LeBron James, and he’s approaching free agency, and his wife wants to live in the city full-time, and he already has a house in LA, it’s certainly enough to send Lakers fans into a basketball fantasy-induced coma.

The new 15,846-square-foot house cost LeBron $23 million and features eight bedrooms, an indoor-outdoor gym, a theater room, a cigar room with an air-filtration system, a wine cellar, a spa, an elevator, and a car gallery.

In 2015, LeBron purchased another Brentwood home for $21 million. It was vandalized with a racial slur before the 2017 NBA Finals.

According to’s Joe Vardon, “the Cavs superstar and his family liked the new [house] better, and nothing should be construed about James’ future in Cleveland from the purchase.”

Tell that to Lakers Twitter, whose members are gleaning what they wanna glean from LeBron’s house purchase.

LeBron’s house is just the latest in a long line of evidence that this’ll be his last season as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.