LeBron James Clowning Bryan Colangelo Is Exactly Why The 76ers Need To Fire The GM

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The day before Game 2 of the NBA Finals, LeBron James was much chiller than he’d been after Game 1.

In fact, less than 48 hours after his teammate’s criminal lack of awareness wasted one of LeBron’s greatest performances, the King even had jokes.

At the expense of the one person getting scrutinized more than J.R. Smith is: Bryan Colangelo.

Days after a report linked five burner accounts to the 7ers GM, LeBron roasted Colangelo over the ordeal.

Uhhh, not good for a team with aspirations of adding the free agent this summer.

The 76ers are investigating whether Colangelo or someone in his family is responsible for the accounts, some of which trashed several of the team’s players and the previous GM.

But it’s likely we’ll never have proof of anything. And yet the perception of the incident will persist due to overwhelming evidence.

Which leaves Colangelo looking untrustworthy, at best.

The 76ers can’t afford to lose the favor of LeBron — or any of the marquee free agents they plan to pursue this offseason, armed with more cap space than most teams can offer — over the slight possibility that Colangelo isn’t at least the source of many of the unflattering views shared by these Twitter accounts.

Fair or not, he and his freakish collars have got to go.