Watch LeBron Benefit From Back-To-Back Hilariously Bad Superstar Calls

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

LeBron James’ team didn’t need help on Saturday.

The Cavaliers blew the doors off Boston at home for a 116-86 win in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals.

But that only slightly softens the disheartenment that comes with seeing the game’s best player beg for an undeserved call until an official obliges.

You know, exactly what happened on this drive past Semi Ojeleye, at the end of which LeBron blew an open dunk.

So egregious a rookie had to call him out.

But refs blow calls all the time. Enough that they sometimes even give the opponent the benefit of the doubt the next time a potential call is iffy.

Let’s see if the officials managed to reconcile this imbalance on the Celtics‘ succeeding possession …

Oh boy.

Yeah, that’s a no-call after LeBron ripped Ojeleye’s arm off the ball on a take to the rack. And it came just 16 seconds after a leprechaun’s ghost mauled the four-time MVP.

I guess the lesson in this is, if you want to be officiated fairly, don’t go up against a superstar like LeBron. And, probably more importantly, don’t be a rookie.

Ojeleye’s gotta know better than to have less than one year’s worth of NBA experience.