LeBron James Is Unstoppable When He Has This One Move Working

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

It’s not easy to stop LeBron James.

But there’s at least a consensus strategy. Pray you have someone big, strong, and mobile enough to stay between him and the basket, and force him to shoot over the top of that defender.

For the second straight night, rookie OG Anunoby and the rest of the Raptors did a decent job of that.

But it didn’t matter. Because when LeBron’s fadeaway with his back to the basket is working, there’s just nothing a defense can do.

Seriously, what the hell are you supposed to do about that?

Kyle Lowry? Sure, if your strategy is to make LeBron die of laughter.

By our count, LeBron hit eight fadeaways en route to a 43-point, 14-assist performance on 19-of-28 shooting as the Cavaliers stomped Toronto on the road, 128-110.

According to Kevin Love, LeBron called several of the fades hours before the game even started.

NBA fans who haven’t yet succumbed to support for the Warriors had better hope LeBron can keep this up, because with the way Golden State’s looked since Stephen Curry’s return, this version of LeBron might be our only shot at a competitive NBA Finals.